What is IDONEI?

Not just another clothing brand.

ē-DŌ-nā... ee-DOUGH-nay... IDONEI... Now that you can pronounce it... ;)

IDONEI is what happened when passions for art, adventure, and people collided. 

We are apparel founded on uniqueness. With so many outlets for creative expression, there is simply NO time to fit in.  
We believe that a community of people built upon differences is the most beautiful kind of community. 
We hope that you wear our clothing freely while doing whatever sets your heart on fire.
We are The Unfit, and we are glad that you're here.


Our Mission

When you purchase IDONEI apparel, you expand The Unfit community.
We donate to schools with under-funded arts and sports programs so that children who might not have had the chance otherwise can express themselves in ways that so many of us take for granted everyday.